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Change my account name


hello i have to change my account name please help me and also my account name is effect my selling process

thank you


my account name should be change please do your best i hope fiverr


There is NO way to change username.

You have to CREATE A NEW account.

This is the forums, there is NO customer support here.

Contact Customer Support:


No you account name not effect selling process


Fiverr​ not allowed this facilities.


You clearly have 5 sales!

Keep up that traction with building an incredible custom review base and your name won’t matter at all :wink:

:bulb: Joe


He has 79 Reviews.




I’m tired. Off the forum for a little bit :wink:

:bulb: Joe


name is not effected on selling process you should change you profile description, gig photo.

i hope you get positive review of that.:slight_smile:


You seem to be doing well with good feedbacks, your name is long but have nothing to do with slowing you down.