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Change of country


I moved recently, and I need to change the country in my Fiverr account. There is a 15 hours difference between the countries and is making the conversation with my clients complicated. They think I´m in one time zone and assume delivery times.

How can I change my country of residence?

This usually happens automatically. Contact customer support for assistance.

by change of country do you mean your flag change? i think the place you signed up from sticks with you where ever you go

I’m not sure that it happens automatically. I was in Norway for around 3 weeks last year and I still read as “Greece”, and last time I was in the UK for around 3 months it was still Greece. However, the time zone difference here was only 1/2 hours so didn’t really matter. I would imagine that contacting Customer Support is the quickest fix for this.

That’s good to know. Maybe it’s just an automatic thing at the initial account set up.