Change of location on my profile


Is there anyone here who can explain why the location on my profile has changed even though I haven’t really changed my location and my IP still remain the same?


Where do you live?

If you are not in Ghana, as your profile indicates, you may want to contact customer support to reset it. I heard that sometimes when you travel, the location changes to where you are at or if you are living in a country that is near another country, it may read that instead.

Is your currrent physical location near Ghana?


Are you using VPN?


My thoughts:
if you are using VPN than fiverr WILL going to pick on it - and revert your ip in reference to your country in which you are in.
And if you believe that there is some sort of mistake - contact customer support and keep using fiverr normally; your IP will change after few logins.


No, it isn’t. Thank you all for expalanation and advice. I will contact customer support.