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Change Of Location When Away From Home



Do I really need to use VPN while away from my current location? Would my location change if I did not use a VPN?

A positive response will be much appreciated.



Why are you using a VPN? How far from your current location do you mean? Customer service is the one to ask this about.

As far as I know, it is never a good idea to use VPN.


Don’t try to change your location on fiverr using a VPN, use your real location.


I don’t understand why so many Sellers feel the need to do this.


Some sellers think they can use tricks like this to improve the number of orders they get. They think that some countries are in disfavor with buyers. I understand their concern but for a long term successful fiverr business, tricks like VPN get you in touble eventually.


It’s definitely not worth the risk. Taking the easy way out is never a good thing it always comes back to bite. I’ve worked with Sellers from all over the :world_map: globe, I don’t concentrate on the location at all. Quality work & Honesty is what matters the most.


I’m based in Japan, but every summer ( and sometimes winter too I go to the states,
but I never change my location and I see why I need to do this.
I have had people say stuff like " Wow, I thought you were in Japan, it must be like way past midnight back there, thank you so much for responding to my message so quickly," so I’ll tell them I was currently visiting the states, but honestly, no need to change the location.


Yes, using VPN not a good idea. Also, I think doesn’t need to change you location while you moved to somewhere.


If you move to another country and stay long, Fiverr automatically updates your location from old country to current country.


nice repley…


please do not use vpn… this is not a good idea, use your real ip not share… this is enough


I sincerely apologize for the late reply. I’m traveling to another continent. For example, Uk citizen going to South Africa. Would my location change to South Africa if I use Fiverr there?


I want to eager know this quarry . Please share ur view about change of loc. What should we do in that case.


I think it’s not good idea for fiverr platform. Them sure you will face some of problem if you change your location. If you need use VPN contact first fiverr support. Thank you.


If you change your location by physically moving to somewhere else, it should change automatically.

If it doesn’t or you have any questions about it, please ask Customer Support.