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Change Of Mood - New Song Thread!

Just discovered Avicii and can’t stop listening. I’ve been listening to this song for like the last 40 minutes.

So, what amazing song have you discovered this month?


Love his music… The Nights is also awesome. Hate that he’s dead.

Ive discovered Armin van Buren In and out of love.


This thread and my mood went from 100 - 0 real fast.

I’m just gonna head to bed for the night.

I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to do that. He was so awesome. I’d been listening for years and it just broke my heart to hear the news.


Wow! I love the song too. Have you also listen this :point_down: by Avicii? #iseehopeinyoureyes


Just googled it and the cause was suicide. This day just keeps getting worse.

Yeah I knew that but I didn’t want to say anything. It’s like Chester from Linkin Park… Strange that the good ones do this to themselves and their families. Sad.

I heard Avicci was super overworked. His team apparently wouldn’t give him much of a rest. I can’t imagine what his schedule looked like. Very sad what happened to him - I was so shocked when I found out.

I discovered this Kings of Leon song a few days ago. So, so good

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My favourite music is marshmallow music

I have no idea what that is - why not post a track? :slightly_smiling_face:


Now I’m came from mobile application . That’s why I’m not attached url.

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I’ve been loving Bastille’s new track with Mashmello. Is Marshmello who you meant, @djwaruna?

I’ve also been loving the Monday Motivation playlist on Spotify first thing in the morning. They’re not the newest of songs, but they’re great for getting up and out of bed in the morning. :grinning:


Nice, definitely gonna look at the other songs by this artist

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"We Are The World"

I remember when first listened to this song at school, I was so very young. So, I didn’t quite understand the meaning, but now I do. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Like Ray Charles said Yes, sir!

I loved MJ sequined socks and jacket, so I asked my parents to buy one for me. :sweat_smile:

I :heart: Bruce Springsteen. His raspy, gritty voice literally gives me goosebumps.

Cyndi Lauper’s verse was awesome.:ok_hand:t4:

Ray Charles/Diana Ross/MJ/Stevie Wonder love them all.

Some of the artists featured passed on. This by far is one of the BEST songs in the history of music with exceptional Artists in one place.


@ssj1236 If you haven’t already, you gotta check out Avicii - Hey Brother

It is one of my fav. Avicii songs :slight_smile:

I am a kinda guy who has an eclectic taste in music… I will listen to anything from death metal to cute Japanese Kawaii songs like “chiwawa” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I also like EDM, k-pop, baby-metal, classic pop, and RnB genres). I LOVE EDM!

@nikavoice I still listen to Billie Jean every once in a while :wink:


I"M A WWE MUSIC FAN :smiley:

I did not see that coming. I always took you for of a more jazz kinda guy than a fellow WWE death metal fan.

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Ahh :smiley: I love all kind of music, no specific genere for me . ANother one from my top list of 2018


Ooh, dats a good one!

Listening to this one right now.

I can’t believe you admitted this publicly.

LOLz, too cute! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yikes! Look at those beards. :grin: