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Change Order of Thumbnails & Video

I would like the ability to click and move the order of gig thumbnails. Also, I don’t understand why the video is listed as the default thumbnail if we have a video being used on a specific gig. It would be nice if we could easily choose which thumbnail is the primary and what order they should be in - including the video.


You do get to choose which image is the primary, but video is by default the one that shows up as primary if you have one.

I’m not sure why you would want a photo to show instead of your video. People watch the gig videos in the search feed and it’s a much better way to engage.

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Actually you can choose which frame of the gig video is shown as the thumbnail in search, so your best bet is just to design a thumbnail, put it in the video somewhere (start or end probably) and then just set it as the video thumbnail in the gig settings – and voila!


Ahh, ok. Thanks. Only issue is I need to make a new video.

Great idea! I’ve found that it’s hard to find a great still in your video. This would be a great solution to that, too. Thanks for the tip!