Change Paypal Help [Resolved]


I know there are other threads about this but they seem to be outdated and can’t solve my problem.

I have to change my Paypal account and I can’t find an option in the profile settings that allows me do to it.
Did Fiverr changed the rules and I have to contact CS or is the link deeply hidden in plain sight and maybe someone could provide a picture for my dumbself to find it?

Thanks guys :smiley:


Go to your Setting then Billing.
Problem solved.


Thanks but I don’t see a paypal option there. Just other details like name address and such…


Settings 》 billing 》 change 》 phone code 》 success!

(You need to verify the change via mobile phone)



This is what I see in Billing:

Billing Information

Provide the following information to receive invoices on a monthly basis via email:

Name: xyz
Address: xyz
Country: xyz

and another option for taxes or something like that.


Wow :open_mouth:

I don’t have any of those paypal options on my page :frowning:


You should contact customer support

Need Your Help " Urgent "

@rockbellstudios Have you verified your account via a mobile device yet?


Alright guys… I apologize for being a total noob. I was going to say I knew I wasn’t that dumb because I couldn’t find those paypal links but I’m even dumber.

Apparently I never set up a PayPal account before :stuck_out_tongue: So, you can’t change it if there’s no PayPal account duh…

Thanks and I’m sorry I wasted your time.


That’s alright. There’s always a learning curve before you master the Fiverr account. Try visiting the academy to be well informed!