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Change phone number

I am new to Fiverr but I created this account about a year ago. I recently got paid from my gig and I wanted to withdraw it but I can’t because the phone number registered was already closed last Jan 2019 and I forgot it already. Is there any other way to change and use my recent number?

I emailed the Fiverr team for this problem yesterday but still, no reply.

Don’t you have the number written out anywhere? Maybe some of your contacts still have it? You only need to enter the number but no message/or confirmation is sent out so it’s okay if the number is no longer valid as long as you know the number.

I’ve done this just yesterday, but luckily still had access to the old number. I believe the only way to go about this, if you don’t remember the number, is waiting for their reply.

I looked everywhere and also asked everyone that I know message them using that number yet unlucky.