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Change profile picture?

I have a question, if i change my profile picture, will it affect my profile ranking?


I highly highly doubt it. I don’t think fiverr would care about that and tbh you shouldn’t care about it either. There is way too much fear and bad advice on the forum about fiverr’s algorithms and how profiles/gigs are ranked. Buyers should focus more on the things they can control like their own marketing efforts, gig designs and the work you provide.


your ranking not goes down when you change your profile pic. But it will become hard of your old buyers to recognize you. Thanks


Brother I am pleased with you that you explained the matter to me so beautifully…

Thank you brother for mentioning an important issue…

I doubt it won’t be issue for ranking!
But eventually If you have old buyer they will have a hard time to recognize or recommend you again…

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Thanks for explaining…

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If you change your profile, your old buyer will no longer recognize you.


Yes, I understand…