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Change review of order


Hey guys i have bought a gig and i left a review. But the website does not work properly so can i change the review?


I’m not sure. But you have 14 days to back your money also.


I think you can, but I do not know how. Contact CS.


Not sure why you would leave a review before checking that your website worked properly?

The only way for a buyer to be able to change their review is to ask the seller to initiate it from the resolution centre on the order page. As you want to leave (I presume) a negative review, I doubt the seller would help you do that.

Have you asked the seller if they can help you? You can try asking them, but if the order’s completed and reviewed they may not wish to.

If all else fails, you can try customer services and see if they can help. :sunny:


Try to figure things out with the buyer before you consider any action.
Contact also the hosting company. It isn’t necessarily the fault of the seller when things stopped working. There can be tons of reasons for that on the server side and the hosting company can check this out for you, before you come to wrong conclusions.


Yes, Contact customer support