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Change review of seller

Is it possible to change your review of a seller. I am new at this and I gave the seller a good review and now its like pulling teeth to get the files from her. I am so frustrated with this.


No, you can not change your review unless the seller allows the buyer (gives permission).

Technically, you are NOT supposed to accept and review until all agreed upon product has been received. If the seller holds anything hostage in order to get good reviews, you need to report her to customer support for immediate action.

At this point, you can contact customer support for cancellation. It may be wise to get a screenshot of your conversation. They may (keyword is may, no guarantee) allow you to redo the review.

Edit: Customer Support

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Contact Customer Service.

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contact customer service

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is he said that he is providing files only after posting review? or you need some changes on your deliver after mark order as complete?

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Once the seller replies the review, that review stays. Also, why would you review someone before getting the files? The modification button exists for a reason, until you get everything, don’t review the gig.

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No, you can’t change the reviews