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Change Skin Color From Black To White And White To Black Naturally

Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum and want to tell about my unique gig.
I got 7 orders from this because it is unique and only I am providing on fiverr.
Changing Black or Dark Skin to white is an easy task and every body is providing this service but
the reverse means changing white to dark or brown skin that too naturally is only provided by me.
Till date all my buyers have given me 5 star rating and all are fully satisfied.
If any body wants this service please contact me.



Wow, unique gig.

I’m curious what if I wanted to have purple or turquoise skin color or a leopard print? Can you do it?


Yes definitely. I just need the sample skin tone. then I can match the given image skin tone exactly as per sample skin tone. This is easy work anyone can do it having good knowledge of photoshop. But changing skin tone to dark brown from white is difficult and that’s I am able to do it also.
This makes my gig unique.
Thanks for appreciation.


Cool beans.

Simply amazing! You sound like a photoshop wiz.

Wishing you all the best with your gigs. :sunglasses: :tada:

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