Change, something only welcome from a vending machine


Let’s be clear. Fiverr is an additional source of income and can reach levels significant enough to make it a proper business. However, at one level we’re all guests here in someone else’s house. As such, there are constantly going to be changes.

Today one of the better ones is here. The Official Fiverr Forum.

At the same time, there are other changes that come, from time to time…that don’t seem as obviously and immediately “good”. Usually these are changes with a retroactive quality.

For example, some of my gigs can not longer be edited without “losing” or “changing” my keywords/tags in ways that I do not think are smart.

Other gigs can no longer be written how I have them written because of “excessive use” of a word.

This can be frustrating, even if I understand it’s for the better of the entire community.

And, finally, there are the changes that are really heartbreaking.

I and several other sellers have seen ‘triggers’ cause our entire account to go from leveled to …not leveled.

We’ve seen gigs get suspended losing all the feedback and the title tag and any marketing we did with that link.

Well, here’s the thing. Customer service is second to none here. And over time, I’m sure they’ll have even more options or our needs will be addressed. In the mean time, understand we’re still Pioneers here and sometimes the Pioneer takes the arrow!.. (But s/he always gets the gold!)


Wow, im surprised noone comments on this till now.

Hope that Fiverr keeps going forward and not back…

I feel like Windows, for example… keeps going backwards :confused:

anarchofighter said: n the mean time, understand we're still Pioneers here and sometimes the Pioneer takes the arrow!... (But s/he always gets the gold!)
I went back to this very post (besides admins) and wanted to bump it back to the top because this statement rings true and should be taken to heart


Thanks all :slight_smile:


Reply to @caiterz: Have you tried the new windows?


Reply to @arnevb: I understand what you’re saying. However, it’s true what anarchofighter says. Or, to change the wording a bit, this is Fiverrs ballpark. If we don’t like the game, we don’t have to play. If you keep that in mind you’re usually OK.


Reply to @arnevb: this is only because its their own fault


Reply to @shawnecannon: How can you know that until it’s happened to YOU?


Reply to @benmbrodie: Well, we can know because they share their stories and the sincere people get the levels back.


Reply to @anarchofighter: I agree with your comments. Some changes are welcome, and other changes are somewhat of a surprise / frustration. Still, overall we have a darn good thing.


Yeah, for the PEEPS