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Change the bank account

Hi there!
I need to know how can I charge the bank account where I receive my money. Do you know how can I do it?


Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Changing a Bank Transfer).

There is a contact us icon at the bottom of the article if you require further help.


Thanks for your answer!

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Please contact our Support Team and we can make that happen for you.

Once your Payoneer account has been removed, you can then add a new Payoneer account to your Fiverr account, as you did previously.

Hi, I eliminated the Payoneer account.
then I created a new bank account in Payoneer and when I tryed to associate Fiverr with the new bank account in Payoneer, Fivver was associated automatically with the old bank account. So I need you eliminate again the Payoneer account and I dont know how to associate Fivver with the new bank account.
Please, can you help me?