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Change the GIG to new one

I have a GIG which I want to change to a completely new service will it legal or not because I am not able to provide service on that GIG so I am trying not lost the reviews because I have 40+ review on that GIG.

My niche is same for the new GIG.


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You can’t change the gig to a completely new service as it must have some resemblance to the URL.

Any reviews on your profile will remain.


Thanks @lloydsolutions
The new gig which I want to create is almost relative and in same category to the previous one with slightly different service.

I don’t see a gig on your account with 40+ reviews.

I paused it.because I was unable to serve it.

What does that mean?

Not able to complete the task that I offered on my GIG for buyers.

May be better to create a new gig.

This may be helpful to you:

Will leave this with you.


Thanks that link helped me lot.

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