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Change the review

Okay, so my client leave a normal feedback, only stars in which she leave 3 stars for the order as described. Total feedback is 4.4 stars, now she is asking how to change it. She did that by mistake as she did not have laptop at that time… Can anyone help me how to change the review by the buyer?

The buyer can not change it. You can initiate a review change via the resolve now button on the order page.

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I had the same thing - buyer who professed himself in emails happy with the gig then left a review which said that the product didn’t meet the description and only 3 or 4 stars. When I challenged him, he said it was because he was using the app with auto feedback options.

If I recall he submitted a request to the customer support team who were able to help him change the review. Maybe that option will work for your client?

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