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Change the World for 5


Hello there,
another day, another rant. But this time I’m genuinely confused at what I can do in this situation.
I had a person buy something from me. Let’s say it’s a story. Asked for a discount, and me, una stupida ragazza d’oro (I hope it’s written OK, means stupid golden girl in Italian…I think) said alright, you can get 500 extra words. I mean, what’s an extra 500 words when I have so much work (on and offline) that I’m drowning?
I write and finish the story. Send it in.
And…A few days later I’m asked to change a paragraph. My laptop dies, I lose it and I can’t operate fiverr too well with it, so I ask for the person to send it back to me (as I don’t have the file anymore)
weeks later the answer is: can you write a new story? It wasn’t satisfactory. All the other sellers do the same, too, they can’t satisfy me (not direct quotation)
So…apparently a completely new storyline IS NOT I repeat NOT! a new order. It’s a revision :smiley: And I have to do it.

…obviously, I haven’t quite gotten a review for that specific order, so… My issue here is: if it’s not good enough first round, it won’t be good enough second round either. My writing is just like that: it sucks. (…oooor someone is being a little liar who wants free stuff. hmm, wonder which one… )
So, I tried going the good way, saying okay, but you should order again, because the money I get is like, 3 euros (and in Italy it isn’t much, at least not near where I live), buuut all my pleas go to deaf ears.
And then I get a message from fiverr that I should not give out details for payment out of fiverr. Already wrote to customer service just so they know I didn’t do anything - better safe than sorry, have no idea how this works, hah), so… I’m a bit tense about the buyer. The thing is, I CAN do it, and my birthday is coming up, maybe I should change the world for it but what if I have to write it again. And again.
And again.
If I just needed to change it up, it’d be good but a whole new plot? Who are we kidding?
(seriously though, should I just get on with it, people? I know it happens a lot but I just got a bad review (was my fault, translation was perfect but late because of my laptop) so I want to get good ones (or no more bad ones) but I’m not quite sure it’s worth it.

(on the other hand the plot is eerily familiar to what I’ve written before so I’m fluent at the genre, but…)

Rant over
Hope ya’ll get better buyers because mine’s been pulling at my nerves. And trust me, I work with CHILDREN.
I’m supposed to be super patient and all that.


I think I did something really stupid right now.
I wrote to the buyer (after her 5 messages) explaining in a not 100% way why this is not how it goes. She will either get it or not, but I doubt it’s the former.

SOMETIMES it feels like I’m talking to a wall.


First of all:

That’s absolutely correct.


That’s what tricky buyers want to make you believe. You did right in asking for a new order.

Don’t put yourself low, you can always try!

You can buy caffé plus 1 Zeppola (south Italian donnut) with that money :grin:

This is confusing… either your buyer asked for it, or you did it :confused:

But you shouldn’t.
Like you’ve said: it will never end.

Better contact Customer Support and ask them to give those $5 back to your client, and buona notte! (good night)


First of all, I wasn’t 100% correct, should have written sono una to make it seem much better. Anyway, I’d say that maybe the buyer writing 'bank’rupt or something like that (trying to convince me I wasn’t right and all that) triggered it. Will make a proper file out of the convo if needed, I’m sure the people at Support will have a great laugh. (my laptop won’t make screenshots so I haven’t made it yet. stupid old…)
I’m more than capable of writing something like this - I have background in this kinda stuff! - but I think some buyers won’t ever say ‘OK, basta!’ and it will go on and on and on… which I don’t want.
(had no idea what Zeppola is, I know I can get coffee plus brioche plus orange juice here, but that’s not a good meal all day :D)
Anyway, buona notte and grazie mille!


Exactly :wink:

Note: if you don’t know what a Zeppola is… then your time in Italy is wasted! :wink:


I think I will bear with the loss of some euros and gain some piece of mind!
Oh okay I should ask for it when I arrive down south then. Haven’t really seen anything named like that up north here but I wasn’t looking much! I’m happy with brioche following after brioche lol)


I would simply say no to this buyer.
You did the work and there is nothing specific about their “revision” request. It sounds like they just want more work for free and that they do this with other sellers too. Who knows how many orders this one $5 has made and then cancelled!
You may get a bad review though if the buyer is used to getting their way - don’t let it get to you though, most buyers are great and not like this.


I’m afraid because of that sad 2-stars I got right before this. (It wasn’t fully my fault but it was, so i’m happy to leave that be, but if I can change this one somehow…) My issue is that I’m genuinely not in the mood and position to hand out free work. I am fairly quick at writing, but still. Thank you for the insight, I do agree with you! I was rolling my eyes so bad when the buyer told me how no one does this for them…
Of course not, we’re not stupid.
The majority of people are OK here. Met some odd ones but this is the first one like this. I suppose it all starts this way…


If it is any consolation, after I got one like that and allowed the bad review to happen I didnt get any more like that. I think those who act like that look for people with no bad reviews as it could be a sign that they cancel easily.


I hope so, though I doubt it. I was never quite lucky when It came to things like this. I feel bad for the next person this buyer will find though…
(and of course the stray thought is there, maybe I really didn’t write a good enough story…though…)


Replying to myself here. Hilariously enough my ‘SNAP’ at the buyer went unnoticed, the insults kept coming… I decided to just WRITE it and hopefully get out of the loop lol. Obviously we HAVE to satisfy the buyers even if they want something else.
But following this logic if I go to the shops, buy a donut then decide that I want a croissant, I can just go, take it for free and keep both, right?
I could use some pastries right now, so may as well try


Some of this guys want you either to write 2 stories for 1 gig, either you to cancel and they get all the work for free, what I do, I have a blog where I post all my works in case the buyer hates it, so basically in case it gets posted somewhere without my approval, it’s copyright infringement.


I had buyers exactly like this but luckily i have mastered the art of saying no and that’s usually the end of the conversation (on my part anyway).


I think - I hope I’m wrong - This person is having others do the dirty word for her. Which is fine as long as you keep it clean. One gif - one story. One plot. Not ten.
But that actually is a pretty good idea… should have thought of it sooner.


You can even use that blog as a portfolio or even reread and get inspired :slight_smile:
or eventually even monetize it :smiley:

Sorry, my point is that even the bad thing can turn good, but if she comes back then write to CS that she wants another story and she came back to f*cking late, that’s it.


This really could be a great idea though, especially with the things that the buyer’s 'don’t want :smiley: If they don’t like it, it’s still mine, and yeah :smiley:
But like seriously the entire ordeal is hurting my head. I wrote to CS, but they said they can see we are communicating, so go further with that.
I’m honestly so tempted to just say 'give her back her 5, I will publish the piece as my own fanfiction (…because it’s not even a book or anything, it’s a FANWORK) and that’s it XD


Do it girl!
and send me a link, I’m so curious now to see it :smiley:
and definitely make a blog!


I’ll need to change the characters but I definitely will lol :smiley: (may even post the original on the more popular websites :smiley: I’m quite good at this part of the game, so we will see who will win :smiley: (still going to write the second ‘version’, though. just for the heck of it :D)
I need to. I’ve been wanting to start like 5 blogs but I never get to it. I’m too lazy to do things like this :D)