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Change username to a desired one?


Not sure where to post this but can I change my forum username please ?

got my username picked for me by the forum bot



I fear you can´t. And feel with you, I thought the name I picked would be a back-end username, not my visible handle. :wink: The only way to get a new username more to your liking is to first close this account (not allowed to have more than one active account at the same time per ToS), and, after you closed it, open a new one and take care to choose your name yourself. If you want to use the same mail, I think that´s not possible either, but if you contact Customer Support about it, perhaps they can assist you with that.


It’s not possible.
We’ve been asking this feature for a while but it seems they don’t care about it.

Would be good to change our usernames (at least once).


in this case im quitting fiver … I never liked the idea of an automated bot dictates which username to pick for me … I never wanted my username to be my email that is implicit information and if they care about privacy they should change that … plus now you can take anybody’s username and try adding @gmail or @outlook and there you go you got the email!!


Were you not offered the choice of username when you signed up? I remember I was.


Hm. You created your account by clicking the google symbol I guess, so that it took your name from there? I created my account ‘manually’, not clicking the symbol and then you can choose your name and mail yourself. But, again, only Customer Support can help you with that.


Actually, AJ can contact customer support to completely sever the email from 5r account. After that, AJ can use the same email; otherwise, like you said, can’t sign up using an old email and new username.

I still use the same email from when I went from ga_riley2 to gina_riley2.


Yes, I just meant you can´t change it yourself, CS can.


There is no option to change your username on fiverr. i am really sorry to say you that :broken_heart:


fiverr was a wacky website before and also i wasnt informed that that would be permanent


That is a pity. It would be a shame to close your account now as you’ve been here a long time.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


If I deactivate my account and make a new one i will lose all the feedback and the process of my last 6 years … not happy at all


Yes, that figures. I assumed you only recently joined when reading your question/opening post.