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Change "Vacation Mode" to "Currently Away" or similar

“Vacation Mode” is oftentimes perceived incorrectly by customers and leads to misleading impressions. In my opinion, I think using the phrase “Vacation Mode” is a bad choice of language. For this same reason, typical office auto-replies say “Currently Away”, “Out Of Office” or something similar. This is a more professional, business-oriented way to explain any unavailability.

On the occasions that I DO go on Vacation Mode - I invariably get messages from buyers ranging anywhere from “let me know when the party is over” to “well I was going to buy from you but apparently you’re out living it up”. I personally have had one single 6-day vacation (my honeymoon) in the past 15 years, so it’s irksome having to defend the details as to why I’m away (yet that I’d still like to talk to them about their project - over and over, ad naseum). It may seem like a small thing, but this choice of language makes buyers automatically think any sellers’ time away is due to leisure, which often gets associated with laziness. This compounds when I return to a dozen snarky messages and have to explain to all of them that, no, I’m not on a beach - I’ve been holed up in a dark studio with a client for 15 hours straight and would be happy to talk to them when I get a moment’s chance, I just can’t (for whatever reason my away status is) NOW.

Basically, I’m suggesting to change the name, not the function, of Vacation Mode to something more all-encompassing and less implicit. On our end as sellers, we’re required to pick the reason WHY we’re clicking off, but all the buyer sees once they visit our page while we’re away is a palm tree and a general “_______ is on Vacation!” message. I think a minor change in presentation / wording could lead to higher peace of mind for buyers and greatly improved communication for sellers.

Thanks for reading!


Totally agree with this, I get the same :frowning:


I completely side with you in having the name changed.


I didn’t know that part of vacation mode. I thought that once I select the reason that it would display as stated but it seems it doesn’t. The name change is welcomed as it will better communicate why some one is away instead of having them assume their potential worker is out partying.

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Agreed, agreed, agreed.


+1 I agree with you.

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I haven’t had to use the vacation mode so far but

Yes, please!



(and whoever from staff might read this: please consider rephrasing the ‘Nudge-message’ as well :eyes: )


Yes that would be reasonable.

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Apologies for bumping but hopefully fiverr will consider the name change or at least implement a custom reason feature so buyers can know the details of why some one is away. This will be especially helpful for those in natural disaster areas.