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Change verified no

Please any one can tell how to change verified No on fiverr .

I have lost my that no on which my account was verified now when i click on Withdraw they sent a 4 diget code on my no but i dnt have that no :worried:
Kindly if you know any thing related this please help me

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Could you change it @hassanaasi?

An update would be appreciated.

You need to change your phone number on your account.

They will then send the code to your new phone number.

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That is the problem i am unable to change no :crying_cat_face:

Did you contact the Customer Support in this regards?

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they not replied yet :frowning:

All I did was enter the new phone number on my account settings and the code was then sent to it.

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Now you need to answer the security question which I take they’ve forgotten.

also forget that one :frowning:

@misscrystal but the no is not going to be changed because i also forget my security question answer

Thought so, only support can help you now. Good luck.


Hello there Hassan,

Could you change your number?

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@rankinfinite No… but i got my old no through verification of network :slight_smile: now feeling relax i was too much worried :slight_smile: at that time

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You have put 2 numbers in your Fiverr account?

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no only one … which was no longer with me due to some reasons but now i got it again :slight_smile:

Great! All the best!

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