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Change what you ask Buyers when reviewing please - it's nonsensical

For the second or third time recently, I received a 5-star review with a strange comment.
I proofread a text for a client and their review says “needed proofreading”.
To someone reading that, it sounds like my work needed proofreading which I know isn’t the case or what the buyer thinks. I vaguely remember someone mentioning that Fiverr asks a question(s?) rather than just saying “Leave a review” or whatever.

I can only think that perhaps they were asked “What did you need” or “Did your order fulfill your need” etc and to a non-native English speaker, this could lead to repeating what they were looking for as a review.

If anyone could enlighten me that would be great as I would love to have a fully-informed rant rather than this rather unsure moan. Thanks dears.


The review box has the following placeholder text:
“Why did you buy this gig? Did the seller help you achieve the goal”.
Guess that’s why the client wrote that.


That explains a lot! I recently, about a month ago, had a client that wrote in the order page:

“Awesome!! I have worked with a lot of freelancers. Urdeke is by FAR the absolute best. He explained everything that I needed to do once he did the install. Thank you so much for all your help!!”

But her actual review was: “Needed help with Wordpress site”

Now, at least, it makes more sense.


Thank you. Your fully-informed rant as promised:

Come on Fiverr - does nobody think these things through?
Why are you asking a buyer why they bought a gig - the gig title explains what a gig is for and I’m sure we don’t need to be a sunglasses wearing ginger in Miami to deduce that the reason a buyer buys is because they needed this service?
If my client was to answer both questions then they would have said:
"Needed Proofreading. Yes"
How is this helpful to anyone?
Beside, if a buyer needs a prompt about what to say in a review then perhaps they aren’t the type of people I want leaving a review on my profile.

Come on, this is made to go stupidly so make the change to something sensible please.


Couldn’t agree more, and I would strongly urge you to copy/paste this initial post into an email to CS. I’ve hit them up about this very thing already, as I’d imagine it’s the only way they’ll ever listen.

I got a 4.3 star review a couple of weeks ago (on a job I nailed in one take, apparently) and the buyers comment was: “Yes, surely. quick and straight. Of course, if we could have the possibility to listen live to the recording (through sk*pe for example), it would be super.”

They pretty clearly think they’re reviewing the overall experience of using the website, and not just us and our work.
It’s ridiculous, and I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. There’s a whole lot about the way this site is put together that makes no sense.


There is the problem also of the “did the seller help you achieve your goal”. This is similar to the “have you used your delivery yet” secret review questionnaire.

Most people are going to say no to this if they are honest. What id someone orders a book? It can take months to bring to market after the manuscript is delivered. It can also take months to see results from a video, article, marketing strategy you buy on Fiverr.

Why can’t people just be given an option to leave a review? It’s simple, straight to the point and gets the job done. All Fiverr does by giving people all these prompts is devalue the meaning of reviews.


Thanks for the share

Very unlucky :unamused:

Just one of the following can affect your sales:

secret reviews worded so that the answer will naturally be harmful to the sellers

cancellations, which can stop sales

edit your gig, it gets moved to a lower rank

a bad review stays on top where everyone can see it for a week

It’s similar to swimming against the current, if anyone here is a swimmer. That feeling of working as hard as you can against something pushing back against you. You begin to make some progress, then get pushed back.

I’ve tried to ignore these four things and simply accept them as being out of anything I can control. It’s necessary to keep from stressing myself constantly. A month of great uninterrupted sales will usually be followed by a period of slow sales. This is the system.

I assume this is how fiverr wants it and what sellers should expect. I’ve managed to keep cancellations and bad reviews to a bare minimum for my time here but still, they are unavoidable if you are here long enough.


“For help writing lyrics” or something of that nature.

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I’d actually prefer no review than for someone to leave a 5-star review with something that says “needed proofreading” or similar. It makes it seem like they didn’t get what they wanted.