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Change Withdrawal currency and Payoneer


Hello everybody!:slightly_smiling_face::blush:
My name is Natasha. I am architect and interiorr designer from Ukraine, now in progress of studying as architect in Europe and have a question.
My Payoneer card connected as banc transfer/fiverr revenue and it is in dollar but I want order in Payoneer EUR card and my money from fiverr in Euro.

Is it possible change withdrawal currency and get money on Payoneer account directly in EUR? :roll_eyes:

Thank you!

if you need great professional interior design or architecture project of you new house - contact me, I provide full package of services :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the same question about being able to withdraw directly in €. I see the balance in € but when I withdraw to Payoneer it is in $. (with exchange rate of course).

Is it possible to withdraw straight from fiverr to payoneer in €?


I think no, unfortunately I did not find the answer for this question and I still withdraw in $
If you know something - share with me please(
I hope that once we will manage to withdraw in euro