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Change your Fiverr Username

Dear Fiverr Community,

Wouldn’t it be great to change your Fiverr username ? I’ve seen a few people talk about this here and people were told that there is currently no option for that and that one has to create a new account and delete the other one.

Instead of belittling people and telling them all sorts of nonsense, there are still many reasons for a username change. Fortunately, other websites offer this functionality. Unfortunately, Fiverr currently doesn’t.

I have created a petition and everyone that is interested, can join :

Please support this petition and share it with your friends, family and everyone else that wants to join. Getting at least 10 people to sign it would be a start.

Thanks for you help

Of all the issues with Fiverr, you pick something as trite as changing your username to turn into a petition?

lol. I do, however agree that it is a perfectly simple feature to add. I just don’t think it should be high on the devs’ list of things to fix. Of course, since this is pretty trivial they might just do it anyway…

A petition? Isn’t that a little… over the top? is intended for political, cultural or social petitions – causes that are designed to improve the world around us. Fiverr is a business, they can maintain their business and website however they see fit, in line with their customer base, and their desired profit margin. Trying to change a tiny, relatively insignificant business element with a political petition isn’t the most effective way to seek structural changes on a website.

You’re better off addressing your request directly to Fiverr via Customer Service, and then abiding by whatever answer they choose to give you.

Well… that WOULD be better than the alternative - to delete and create a new account. Because right now if I go ahead and delete and create a new account, no one knows who I am; my previous history. That’s what I don’t get about the current argument of “well if you can change your username people don’t know who you are” etc. Sure, but at least THEN they’d still have your ratings and purchase history attached. If you delete and open a new account, your slate is clean - that’s WORSE. So the “you can’t change your username because people won’t know who you are” argument makes no sense to me when the alternative Fiverr has given us is to “delete and create a new account… so that people won’t know who you are”.