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Change your gig title before fiverr do it ! [ARCHIVED - 2015 Thread]


For everyone who using “GIG TITLE [Space space space]” change it before support put your gig on “Request Modification” *your gig title must contain 15 characters minimum…

Why ? well if they put your gig on “Request Modification” you will probably dissipeart from search resoults (EVEN after approving your gig again) and impression will keep going down.

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I did not understand what you are trying to say, it sounds interesting. Please edit and reply to me in proper English.

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I understood the text perfectly.

Basically, what the OP is trying to say is that fiverr have recently changed their rules regarding gig names. There has always been a minimum character limit of 15, but you could bypass it by typing in your chosen text, followed by lots of spaces to make up the character count.

For example: "I will proofread [space] [space] [space] [space] [space] for $5"

However, fiverr have now started to remove such gigs from the search results, without warning the seller in advance. This means sellers, like @skydesigner, have been struggling for sales without knowing why.

Reply to @mrproofreading: Thank you very much. You are definitely titled right! Mr. Proof Reading! lol

Reply to @thecreativeguys: hehe sorry i was in rush… mrproofreading explane it better… Thanks

Reply to @skydesigner: Always welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for Useful Information !! Really Appreciate.