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Changed my gig images for the heck of it

Was bored and thought it was time for a change. I was aiming for businessman / rapper. How did I do?

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You nailed it. I definitely wouldn’t want to bump into you when hustling for orders in a dark alley. At least, not without some backup from the boys.

Maybe you should go all out and create a protection racket gig? People pay you so you don’t steal their business… :thinking:

Edit: Sorry, I misread businessman / rapper as gangsta / rapper. - It still works though for your niche. :wink:

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Aww man i was trying to lighten the mood with the shirt and tie picture. I even made sure i was clean shaven.

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I was really hoping I didn’t cause offense.

Your images aren’t in any way intimidating. You have a good look. What I would maybe change is the background. i.e. If you can, try and experiment with replacing the current backgrounds with a solid color to make your text stand out better. Green with white text could be good, as it sneakily reflects Fiverr’s branding.

Just my 2 cents, of course. :wink: .

Nope not at all, no offense taken. I’ll look into during the next month.