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Changed pricing

Hello everyone!

I am fairly new to Fiverr but experienced enough to know a few things.

I updated the pricing on one of my gigs yesterday. I do know that sometimes this may pull the gig out of view for 48 hours while Fiverr reviews the changes.

To keep it simple, I updated the pricing on everything including the extras.

I have been checking today (the first 24 hours) to see if the pricing has updated. I didn’t expect any orders during this time but (thankfully) I actually received one! They submitted an order and it came through as the original (lower) pricing.

So a couple of questions here.

I really could have sworn that I saved all of my edits and that during this time, I am just waiting on the gig to update. But since I got an order…now I am wondering if the gig ever did save? Or maybe I am just still waiting on those prices to change and this order managed to sneak in before the price increase?

What do you guys think? Is this normal or should I give it another 24 hours before trying to edit my gig pricing again?

Thanks in advance!


Try using another browser (one you are not signed to) to check your page to see what shows there. I’d suggest a day or two for it to update properly


Just checked. You have 3 gigs on display, all starting at $15.


Thanks guys. I’ve been checking in a “signed out” browser. I’m not seeing any price updates either. I was wondering if they show immediately or if they have to be approved first?