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Changed profile info


hello i have changed my profile information after your suggestions but i cannot able to change user name what should i do??
is this enough for get orders?


I think that your profile and gigs look really nice. Clean, simple and reliably. I noticed some mistakes in description (grammar), but I’m no one to tell you what exactly you need to change, because my english is not on the best level.


You’re a man right? Why the name jeniff3r?


thats what the problem i just put easy to remember


but cannot able to change


Unfortunately you cannot change your username.


@jeniff3r you did not “just put easy to remember”, you created a fake profile, with an attractive female image, and stating that you were from the UK, trying to attract more buyers.

And your profile’s description was stolen from another user.

You did in fact change everything, to correspond to the truth (?!) but now you are stuck with the fake female username.


@frank_d so what is the solution for this?


@jeniff3r I don’t think it’s possible to change your screen name. Please by all means, do contact customer support to get an official answer, after you explain the issue and how you got there.

Your only other solution is to create a new profile form scratch. I see you already made two sales, but in my opinion it’s still early and your gig has not picked up any momentum yet. So you can actually start from scratch.

So if I were you I would consult customer support and ask them what’s the best course of action.


@frank_d i have already sent a request to customer service,
is this will decrease my sales if i keep username like this?


I have no way of knowing that. :slight_smile:


i have already put on description “its just a username”


Thanks Frank_D, you saved my fingers!

Exactly as frank suggested - don’t be fake! It’s obvious. Fiverr is a community of talented individuals and we take pride in shouting about fake users who consider this to be a cash cow.

Why don’t you delete your profile, have a think about your life and come back when you’re a little more honest?


The only way to change you user name is by creating a new account. I think fiverr support can help you do it.


you can’t change your username
you need to create new account or ask help from fiverr support