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Changes in seller behaviour

Good morning from a sunny UK,

Only other sellers will understand the frustration!

This specific customer did not supply me with any order information. After asking him several times, I found out, by using my great detective skills, that it is for a Facebook post. I send him the concepts, after which suddenly he tells me I should test my images to ensure they meet Facebook ad standards. Once again I ask him, if this is for a post or ad. No answer.

After delivering, I get a request for a modification. Not for changing the work, but adding an additional size variation, even though it CLEARLY says that the gig only includes 1. :triumph:

He also supplied me with a low res photo, with smaller dimensions than the expected 1200px wide graphic.

This is just 1 in a series of impossible requests and I have noticed a trend in customers being rude, entitled and expecting the world for a basic gig.

I think I just needed to vent. Rant over, thanks for reading if you read this far :laughing:

Hope you are all keeping safe x

Does the 20% text rule even still apply for 1200x628 facebook ads? I’m assuming this is what they tried to “test”.

The world is tense right now, everyone’s on the edge (and on a budget). But I’d add an extra for the additional size (for a small price but so it’s there). So people don’t take your work for granted and get educated that more work = more money.


Hi, I don’t think it really applies anymore, but trying to discuss something with an unresponsive customer is impossible.

I do have a gig extra available for additional size variations :wink:, this customer simply wanted to exploit the $5 order that he placed :woman_shrugging:t3: