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Changes in tags made a problem

Hello am a level 2 seller and am having a major problem i have 2 gigs working really fine but i tried to make them rank higher so i tweaked them also changed some tags and thumbnail after these changes i had a major drop in impression and clicks even when i tried to remove the changes what should I do please help am thinking to remove the gig and make a new one can anyone give me some tips

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Don’t bother removing and making a new Gig.

Anytime you edit your Gig, it goes into a review process, and in that time, it is not uncommon to see your impressions, clicks etc drop. It is also not uncommon that your Gig may not be found in search.

This is why you need to limit how often you change things in your Gig.



I really appreciate your help i did the changes and my gig started to fall then i tried to reset everything now am not making changes but the impression etc still down do you have any idea what to do