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Changes to Buyer Reviews?

Has anyone else seen a change in the last week regarding the format of their reviews? It used to be that a review would have 3 categories - Communication / Product was as expected / Would Recommend. You as the seller were also able to respond publicly to the review.

In the last week or so however, I am now seeing only one rating out of 5 for “overall experience” with no opportunity as the seller to respond. I made it a point to respond to every reviewer with either a thank you or further details. This is very important if you had a troublesome client who gives you less than 5 stars despite your best efforts. It gives other potential clients the ability to see both sides if there was a disagreement (I’ve only had this happen once in 50 sales, but still important!)

Just wondering if any one else is experiencing this change?


Welcome to the Fiverr forums. I’ve only had two orders, so I can’t say if there’s been a change.

My experience has been that you as the seller “rate” the buyer first, and then you see the review the buyer left. After that, you have the option to respond to the buyers review.

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no changes here. i am not sure what changes you are talking about.

Me too!. Hello, @abauer5188

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Thanks, that was my experience up until a week or so ago. Now when I get the buyer’s review, I don’t see an option to respond. That appears to have been removed.

Long time no see! How’ve you been Vickie?

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Today, I still got the option to review the buyer before and after I see their review. :thinking:

Just wonderful!

Odd! Thanks for letting me know, now I figure it might just be me. I’ve filed a ticket with customer support.


Please let us know what they say about this. Maybe it’s a test.

I heard back from Fiverr support. No explanation why this has changed, but I was advised to go on my desktop and I would be able to see the ratings and provide a response. I did check and was able to do so.

The explanation from support: “if you get all 5 stars you only see the one category and there is no option to respond, unless you’re on a desktop computer”. Again, this is something that has changed for me since last week. Would have been nice to get a response as to why, and also to be able to continue to respond on my mobile and not have to jump to my PC. Ah well.

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