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Changes to help Established Level 1, 2 and TRS Sellers

Following this discussion

I felt it might be a good idea to create a thread where people could suggest changes Fiverr could make that would help ESTABLISHED sellers - those who have over 100 sales, have been around a few years, those who have seen a drop in their sales.
As @xuntes said, there are lots of changes that have happened which seem to be aimed at new sellers and Pro sellers, such as:

This thread is only to have suggestions - let’s not get into a debate about the ideas which are posted. If you like an idea, simply “Like/Heart” it. If you don’t like an idea, then don’t. Ideas will suit or make sense to different people and that is ok.
This is really a “brainstorming session” - there are no bad ideas!
It is best to keep the ideas short, so only a couple of lines each.
Also, you may post more than one idea but use a new reply for each one - that way people can like the ones they like and ignore the ones they don’t like.

It will be interesting I am sure.


Forgot to start it off!
Bring back the real number of reviews for a gig being shown on the search results. 100, 1000, or 100,000 - it should be the correct figure.


Perhaps a way to schedule orders in advance? Since the TOS state that orders can’t take longer than 30 days (not sure of the exact wording but I think that’s the gist of it), and extending delivery times is a hassle that feels like cheating the system, I find myself constantly turning away buyers because my schedule for the next month is already full. Many of these buyers would be happy to schedule an order with me that takes less than 30 days but begins in 60 days, for instance, since I’m an established seller with good reviews…

I doubt this will ever happen, but it would make Fiverr much more useful for me if it did!


Acknowledge the bugs exist, and then do something about them:

  • Unfair seller penalisation for orders cancelled by buyers

  • 4.3/4.7 feedback app bug

These are the ones which have affected me personally, so I may be a teensy bit biased. :wink:


Enable the advanced portfolio for all sellers.
Let us showcase our work the best possible way.


Enable office hours so that I can create a window in my schedule when I’m available for chat.
Turning vacation mode on and off is rather annoying. It should be that if I’m OOO I don’t answer messages and there should be no penalty for response time.


Yes, please. A lot of people don’t even know what 1k, 2k, 3k means.

Get rid of “Get it by Tomorrow” addition. First of all, with all the extras one may purchase it won’t be “by tomorrow” so that’s misleading.

My delivery time is 3-4 days depending on the month and it never gave me trouble. Now, though, I suspect that “get it by tomorrow” trumps “get it by July 10th” and prevents people from clicking to see why some gigs take more time than others.

I already have my share of buyers who want “beautiful, complex, original” 10 pages done in 12 hours because “others offer that” and “I don’t see why is this a problem” to deal with. There is no need to feed the idea that complex design takes 40 minutes to do.


Allow sellers to accept orders if their service requires consultation before order is placed.
It shouldn’t be mandatory because not all sellers want it, but if I had an option to allow only orders that I’ve approved then I would use it to avoid so called “mistake” orders.


A new way to display TRS gig to get more attention on a page since it’s INCREDIBLE (almost impossible) hard to get or keep the badge nowadays. fiverr should make us feel honoured others than that little yellow TRS title under our name.

p.s: Thanks @eoinfinnegan for creating this post! Gonna pin it. :slight_smile:


Don’t force established sellers to lose income from having to stop suggesting that buyers get expensive extras, licenses and tips.

With $2 fees for every single extra, licence and tip, I have to assume that changes things. I haven’t received any “afterthought” extras or tips since the fee change.


What the lovely Scottish lady said. Plus a limit on how many times buyers can request revisions but to be quite honest what is this? Month nine of having the same conversation?

Other changes:

Ditch the stupid automated ‘we’re not telling you what you did but where banning/restricting your account anyway’ business. - If Fiverr has a legitimate reason for banning or slapping a warning on an account, let them say what it is.

Stop breaking every rule in the customer service handbook. - Unannounced fee increases, removal of shopping carts, deceptive search filters, all that ‘innovation’ is just one giant middle finger to actual buyers.

Give sellers an option to have the old inbox back. I don’t care if someone else loves it, writing messages in a tiny area at the bottom of the page on a desktop is driving me nuts.

Add weekend office hours or rates configurable in gigs. - Like with preventing unlimited revisions, Fiverr will raise revenue and reduce seller stress levels, rather than look like it is overtly mugging buyers via 150% stealth taxes

Tell sellers when you are going to remove their gig extras and even the option to set things like revisions on gigs.

Anyway, sorry for replying to you @offlinehelpers, I meant to quote you not shout at you to change Fiverr :slight_smile:

Edit: A couple more. - Stop CS from cancelling delivered orders. (I’m not talking about chargebacks) and restrict buyers from placing orders when their time stamp doesn’t match their stated physical location. Do that and you stamp out 90% of scammers and refunds.


Yes i have mention it many post that there should be an option for the seller to accept or declined the offer to avoid cancellation,
This will be beneficial for seller,

If viable, a search bar for buyer names, or even to search messages in the new inbox and the option to download all communication per buyer would be great. The more established, the more returning and regular buyers and things you might need to look up.

to Cy's last point

I can’t like your post because of this point, else I’d do, but I don’t quite see how this would work, wouldn’t that prevent everyone who travels often from placing orders?
For instance, I just sent an offer to a customer who is from the US and typically there but currently is in Germany, so if he now wants to accept my offer from Germany, his timestamp probably won’t match his location, at least I’ve read it can take quite some time until Fiverr picks up people’s new location.


You’re not going to like my post? How will I sleep tonight? :wink:

I understand your concern however every problem buyer I have had this year has stood out for the same reasons. They’re new, located somewhere other than where they say they are, and often come back after a nightmare order or CS cancellation using a different account.

I do not have an ideal solution to this problem. There are, however, several ways Fiverr could reduce chargebacks and cancellations if it wanted to. Messed up location fine. Blacklist PayPal addresses and make sure Paypal addresses always match contact email addresses instead. Just do something.


I think it’s already mentioned before but a ‘Download all’ button is a great help.
Fiverr should also spend more effort on the buyer request system overall, like better management dashboard, remove inactive requests and an option to report/remove spam self-promote request from seller.


You have mentioned very important facts that really need to change, to be honest, I never thought about it before, but this is really necessary. Thank you.

HAHA. Sorry just have to point out how I love this line.


What I want is BETTER communication from Fiverr! :loudspeaker:

Fiverr should send out mass emails :email: regarding surveys/eliminated categories and gigs that are no longer in their ‘Editorial Focus’/ site downtimes and other applicable updates. So, that ALL users can chime on these important things that truly matter, and are privy to them. The majority of Fiverr users do not visit the forum. We shouldn’t have to visit a forum or blog to get deets about changes and whatnot. Also, the CS reps should all be given facts about issues, and respond accordingly. Receiving different answers for XYZ issue is not good for Sellers. It muddies the water!

Overall, Fiverr have received so many :bulb: brilliant suggestions. I hate wasting my energy on things that will just fall on deaf ears or placed on the back burner to burn. :fire:


1. Change the 90% score of just 1 parameter to leveling, to an overall 90%. So if you fail in just 1 parameter, but keep high standards in others, you can keep your level, or be promoted.
Example what is happening today:
-If you have 100% Response Rate, 100% delivered on time, 89% order completion, 100% rating (5 stars), YOU WILL GET DEMOTED, but your overall performance is 97,25%.
-NOW, if you have 90% Response Rate, 90% delivered on time, 90% order completion, 90% rating (4.8 stars), YOU WILL KEEP YOUR LEVEL OR GET PROMOTED, but your overall is 90%.
RESUMING, the seller with 97,25% score gets punished, and the seller with 90% score get promoted. Kinda nonsense, right?

2 . Value the good sellers too. Just it.
Many people think I’m against new sellers, or giving a chance to discrete gigs, but I’m not. I just think in long term. Many new sellers today, could be the best sellers tomorrow. How would they react if the “prizes” (like placement) of hard job they did would just be given to a gig, which can be good, or may not?
There are a plenty of features to help new and discrete gigs, sellers should just find a way to use this. But recently they seems to be waiting it falling on their lap, and for incredibly it looks, it’s happening.
Meanwhile, the good sellers, which can be new or veteran, are being obfuscated by fiverr. Today, there is no ranking/filter/feature which properly display/value the best sellers.
People say: “Oh, but if you are veteran you had your time, now it’s mine” (but in a kinder way, of course).

I believe Fiverr is too focused on making money (promoting higher priced gigs on RECOMMENDED filter, raising fees, changing placements, PROS), that they seems to forget that the real good sellers where those who created, or helped to fiverr reputation, and also sustained this.

Even this new leveling system was created to seller produce more and more, with less “waste”.

It’s common in a product company, trying to sell the worst product for the highest price possible, and let the good products to sell by itself. BUT we are not selling products, we are selling services, the stock is UNLIMITED, so there is no necessity to obfuscate your good services to try selling your average/bad ones.

I would like to keep at fiverr for many years yet, but like it’s being run right now, there is no way someone do this or feel safe with fiverr marketplace. You are in constant risk of being obfuscated by a new feature.

I know that we aren’t fiverr employees, but if fiverr keep this policy, the rotation of sellers will be huge, which is no good for any company.

Just imagine a seller with 55K reviews. Probably they have many usual buyers, but lost many positions in ranking because the last changes (not because it’s performance). What if this seller resolve quitting fiverr and take some of their customers along?
It happens everyday on many companies all around the world (mainly with service companies). Not because fiverr is an online marketplace it can’t just happen.

Anyway, this is my opinion. Start valuing the true best sellers TOO. Everyone can become one.

BUT if with all these features for new and discrete gigs, if you can’t stand out, c’mon, I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t with fiverr.

Just an analogy: I don’t care your political orientation, but it’s like communism/socialism against capitalism. The first 2 are theoretically perfect, but only the last one truly works. For me, fiverr today looks like the first 2, but used to be like the last one in the past.


3. A limit for orders in queue
If fiverr is trying to level the gigs (give a chance to all), I believe the best way doing this is to set a limit of orders in queue, instead trying to obfuscate best sellers so they don’t stand out compared with other discrete gigs.

Maybe like this:
Level 0/New Sellers: 5 orders in queue
Level 1: 10 orders in queue
Level 2: 20 orders in queue
TRS: 50 orders in queue

This is just a barely explanation. I have no idea if these numbers would work or not