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Changes to Manage Sales Page

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that we made some changes to the design of the Manage Sales page.

Just to give you an overview:

  • The numbers are the same as they were before, so you still see "New", "Priority", etc.
    (the "new" filter is still a bit buggy, we know about it and are working to resolve it)

  • The starred tab has been removed. However, if you want to see it there's a crack. Just add /manage_orders/type/starred in the URL after your username, for example

We want your input! Please let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below.


To reach Super Seller status you need to work very hard, its not only publish a gig and wait for sales.

Research what Fiverr customers wants, analyze demand and offer the right GIG.

Then you need to market yourself instead of waiting for Fiverr alone.

Optimize your GIG, description , etc.

For last but not least offer a Stellar support service to your customers.

I like it! It looks nice and clean! Thanks for the continued updates!

Overall I thought that page worked fine without changes. I don’t know why there was a need to change it, especially without first addressing some of the most popular repeat suggestions in the suggestion box. Also, while you are updating the news it would be great go see a quick post on the meaning of and requirements for the “Top Buyer” badge.

The other thing I am sorry to see is the removal of the “starred” tab on Manage Sales. I use stars on that page quite a bit, especially when tracking a cancellation request or similar messages. I am glad there is a workaround but why not just leave it as it was? Were high numbers of sellers writing Fiverr asking for that change?

I agree with you fonthaunt, I write novels so my projects are long ones often lasting months. I used the star option to keep track of the many, many orders that can go along with one job to double check the cumulative word count. Very disappointed it has been removed. Glad there is a way around it but it does seem rather unnecessary.

Hi @natalieab,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This looks great to me - and as far as the Seller’s perspective on things, the “New” filter isn’t really that big of an issue (to me, at least).

This is a small suggestion, but on the To-Do’s page, the link that reads “My Sales” at the top might benefit from being re-written to say “Manage Sales” instead. When I was first getting started, I hadn’t noticed that page and found it a bit non-intuitive to find the “Manage Sales” section of the site.

Just a thought - thanks again!

David “david388”

ok… trying best

Currently shows ‘100 Late’ when I have only 28 active and ZERO late. Lol. Another bug to add to the other bugs… ‘We Need RAID!’ :bz

100 late orders but i have only done 20 bang on time :0

100 late here, too, even though I have 0 late orders.

Looks like it was fixed @catwriter @aeymi_designs

Came to the forum to see if anyone noticed this and had any issues, so here it goes…

When I go to my sales page (on priority) all my orders show up scrambled with mixed delivery dates. Thankfully, when I can re-clicked priority, they go back into its proper order, ascending by date. It’s still a bug though. Hoping this can be resolved as well!

I really like the new design separation of the orders though. It’s easier on the eyes. :slight_smile:

This change was NOT needed! It has only made things more involved as far as navigation. Before it was simple for me to click manage sales and see everything that is active listed neatly from earliest due. Now it is just a MESS!!! STOP “FIXING” STUFF THAT ISN’T BROKE!!! How about asking for OUR input since it is US who use the site and are making Fiverr the profits.

It’s like every time I get “used” to these changes something else has to change. The navigation is sloppy now.

There should be a way to change the order listing in the new manage sales. Some way to change to ascend or descend. When I click active it jumbles all the dates. Also I have a total of 20 active orders but only 12 are considered PRIORITY??? Why??? This has really only created more issues than it solved…especially as I do not see what the issue was to begin with that deemed it necessary to change anything.

its amazing! priority is Nice . i need it

Tell me how I can search for an order by order number. When Fiverr contacts us regarding a “dispute” they give us the order number and nothing else. I would like to find these orders quickly myself without contacting Customer Support.

Those stars were very useful for me in tracking orders. Please bring them back!

letsdoitnow444 said: Tell me how I can search for an order by order number.
Replace FXXXXXXXXXX with order number.


The interface its nice, but needs to be practical and its a bit confusing.

Removing the Starred feature for me, it’s critical because those stars are the only thing I have to control each gigs are being processed and wich ones are pending for processing.

So removing it, will makes me to check order by order to see what is being processed or not. I am not a Top rated seller, but normally i have 50-60 orders in Queue so it’s very difficult to mange like this.