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Changes to png file

I’m in desperate need of guidance. I had a logo done and the seller states she gave me access to make changes as I would like to decide what color I like best. I have downloaded Photoshop and you need to have attended a graphic school to figure it out. Ive YouTube for help and still cant figure it out.

Please help!


I also have youtube but tell you the truth I can’t really understand what you are asking… Are asking how to convert a photoshop file to png? How to edit a png image?

No I have received the file in jpg and png and the seller said she gave me total access to be able to play around with the colors, etc. Adobe product is very confusing and it appears you need a graphic design degree to figure it out. Alls I’m trying to do is change the colors and get me some business cards made.

Please help.

There must be a file with extension of .AI , .EPS or .PSD. Open any of those file in your photoshop and you can change colors, hit me up in inbox if you still can not do this.


I’ll try it once I get to the computer that has photoshop on it. When did Adobe start charging for those products?
Thank you!

Hit me up in inbox later if you want to get save from those charges, i will do for you

What the seller gave you was the final output he or she needs to give you the source files. Changing something like color is easy and I don’t think you need to hire anyone to do it for you. If you want I can paste several tutorials that will show you how to do it

I would consider to just ask your seller.
Otherwise please send me a message with your attached files and I will take a look for you.

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Very nice of you to do that!!

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Pretty hard to do if you never used Photoshop or Illustrator before. The seller should do it for you if you ask him. Otherwise post the file here and somebody will help.

It’s very easy, if a seller knows what they are doing they always label everything correctly. So if the .psd file is labelled correctly it should have keywords like change color here or something related to color.

photoshop is complex than illustrator.

you can not change anything in png or jpeg unless you have a file with the extension .psd or .ai or .pdf or eps or svg. and you can export the jpeg and png out of them.

Illustrator is like ms paint. easy to do it.

I will do it for you if you want as I always provide similar service to the buyers, even after the order is complete. just want satisfied customer.

If the seller provided you with only JPEG and PNG files you don’t have the access to customize the design. You must have .AI, EPS or PNG file to do that.

  1. Open the .PNG file in photoshop
  2. Press CTRL + U
  3. Slide the Hue setting around to get the color you want
  4. Click OK
  5. Press CTRL + S to save the changes to your .PNG file

you mean … PSD

yes, PSD. sorry for the typo.

It would work the same with PSD or PNG, and OP seems to have a PNG handy, not the PSD file.