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Changes to sellers reviewing buyers coming?


I could be mistaken, but I’m fairly sure the grey text in the feedback field a seller can give to a buyer is different now. It says “Help us maintain a high-quality, safe marketplace, so you can continue on collaborating with the best freerlancers out there”.

Not sure what it said before, but I recall it was along the lines of “Describe your experience”.

I don’t think a feedback that a buyer receives has had any effect ever? So now it sounds like sellers can help to keep the marketplace fair by weeding out bad buyers? :thinking:

About time, I’d say!


I saw this change too! Except I thought it was just me being oblivious which is usually the case!

If I am being completely honest however, the system really makes it hard to leave honest feedback. I worked with a horrendous buyer who took complete advantage of me by requesting revisions and demanding more than what he paid for. After the third revision I again told him (Please understand, I work very hard on each order. I really feel as though I am being taken advantage of) he would never respond to that. Instead he even had the guts to say “I know it’s a lot but I’ll only leave a good review if you do this anyways.”

He was all out of revisions after that and left me a 4-Star review. After I worked so hard… I was so upset with how his $10 order was actually worth around $60. So I left an honest review that I felt he took advantage of me.
Low and behold, he still had the option to “change his feedback” and gave me a two star review because of what I did.
So even if the buyer is horrible now, I always leave a good review out of fear.


What a horrid story! :scream:

You should be a bit safer now - buyers can only change their feedback if the seller asks them to, they can no longer change it by themselves. :slightly_smiling_face:


I quote myself for being “oblivious” again.
Haha, I had NO idea this had changed. The bad review happened well over a year ago but it still stings a bit. :woman_facepalming:

This makes me feel a bit better though, I will maybe be a little more honest now. However, ever since I raised my prices I have found the clients are soooo much better. :green_heart::four_leaf_clover::green_heart:


How awful. So sorry this happened to you!