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Changes you need to be aware of

Quite a bit has changed this summer on Fiverr.

  1. Testimonials are no longer offered. This is because Fiverr Sellers were cranking out videos that were in direct violation of the US Truth-in-Advertising Act. However, spokesperson gigs are still available as long as what you request is not in violation of the US law.

  2. Voice Over gigs now automatically offer Commercial Use License (CUL) for purchase. This means under US law that the creator of the sound recording wishes to retain ownership and you cannot resell it. You can use the recording for the purpose of generating a profit for your company’s product services ONLY if you purchase the CUL. If you want it for say… a customized telephone greeting…then you don’t need to purchase a CUL and you can use the sound recording only for the purpose of a telephone greeting for your company.

  3. Terms of Service Agreement has been updated. I recommend all Buyers read and understand what they’ve agreed to.