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Changing base gig price from $5 to $10


I was taking a look at the search results in the voice over category. I happen to notice that 3 Top Rated Sellers have recently changed their base gig prices from $5 to $10. These sellers have had $5 as their base for at least 2 years. All 3 have changed this month to a $10 base price. The amount of work hasn’t changed (Ex. $10 for 300 words instead of $5 for 150 words).

I thought it was interesting considering that all 3 have had $5 as their base (2 of them even have posts on this forum about why TRS sellers should offer $5 as their base). Why the change in their tune? I also noticed that every “rising talent” gig, had a base of at least $10.

Curious on your thoughts. Are they playing the game of the new search algorithm? It just seemed very odd for them to all change at the same time, after being so adamant about “Fiverr’s Roots” of the $5 base price.


Fiverr used to favor the $5 base price. From what we can tell right now, that’s no longer the case, especially with people who have been around a while.

(I moved to $15 as my base on my primary gig.)

Fiverr now has a filter when selecting VO, and some buyers don’t even look at the lower cost gigs, as they associate higher price with higher quality. (Mostly yes, not always…)

I get less work after my price increase in terms of overall gigs, but an amazing number of high dollar per gig sales. (It doesn’t hurt that I have a very strong set of repeat clients.) I’ve noticed the new clients I get with the higher floor are people who often used other VO services, and are used to paying far more, so we still look “too cheap” compared to what they have been doing.

When you get above the $5 floor, you get fewer clients who are so focused primarily on the price, and are looking at quality and customer service.

The system appears to be taking into account more “overall sales dollars” instead of just gig counts. The higher floor for us has been a huge win.

(When you think of it, an extra $20 for a great VO isn’t much for most of the real world. It’s only the people who are trying to get everything for $5 where it’s an issue… and not my clients anyway…)


Thank you very much @lisabaarns. I’m glad that you have brought some clarification to this for me. I noticed the filter before as well. Did you set on $15 as the base because of the search function? (Ex $10 is still bundled in the lower category) or was $15 a choice number. Thank you again!


We tried $10, then $15 and so far it’s a win for us.

We also created some gigs that start at far higher price points, because some buyers search those other categories and didn’t even know we existed. Some assumed the other high priced sellers were better, or higher quality, and we felt like our quality is among the best.

Now we have clients who find us via the $100+ gig, because that’s what they expect to pay for the quality they need… If you only have low priced gigs, you don’t have a chance to be exposed to some clients.

I just looked at your gigs, they are all $10. But in my mind, you should have some that are above $35 and probably minor variations in the photos… but that’s just me.

If an established business starts with Fiverr, they don’t expect to get a great voice system for $10. Many will pay a premium and start with the gigs at the $35 level… (Many people don’t want the cheapest, don’t want the most expensive either… In the middle is the “safe” range.)

All that said, experiment, test, and try different options.

There may be something far better than what I’m doing, and you’ll see over time another price point is more effective for you. Plus Fiverr is constantly evolving, so this weeks best practice may do even better with additional tweaks next month and beyond.

Little stays the same for long.


Once again, thank you so very much. I agree with what you said about trying out different prices. I created some more gigs yesterday to offer some other types of voice overs (@uxreview had a great take on how specifics can help). I combined this with some varied price offerings based off what type of buyers I would like to attract. I feel better knowing A) I am being paid closer to what I feel my work is worth B) I am able to work with more buyers looking for quality, and not how many words I can fit for $5.

Thank you again!


I have also raised a few of my most popular gig’s prices more than a year ago - I am not getting less orders. I should consider raising all?


I raise all of my base prices to $10 due to the $2 service fee. I thought a 40% service fee on a $5 gig was so steep that I would not get many orders on them.