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Changing by the rating

please changing by the rating, :sob: :sob:
It has alleviated much of my account’s rang

please someone help me?

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Ratings cannot be changed. Plus, if you ask for them to be changed CS will see it as review manipulation and give you a warning.

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ok thank you for this information

you got a 4.3 star review , I wouldn’t complain …


It has alleviated much of my account’s rang

It seems like your customer was unsatisfied with communication and the language barrier made their experience difficult. That doesn’t seem dishonest. I personally take issue with people leaving imperfect reviews for a good product, particularly with new sellers who are trying to get their feet off the ground, but keep in mind that a 4.3 review is considered “positive” and will probably not affect you in the long run.

Brush up on your English if possible with an app like Duolingo if you think this may help your chances with securing 5 stars in the future! English is a pain in the butt to learn so I understand that’s easier said than done.

At any rate, DO NOT speak to your buyer about their feedback. Don’t ask why they left a 4.3 star review, don’t ask them to fix it, don’t say anything at all. It’s a good way to get flagged and have a strike put on your account.


thank you so much for kind information