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Changing delivery time effects gig position?


My gig delivery time is 2 days and I oftenly deliver it with a day. Should I change it to 1 day? will it effects my gig position in a positive way?


Good luck! Personally, I like to give myself a 3 day window. I don’t work weekends (freelancing is my full-time job). If orders come in over the weekend, I still have Monday to complete them! When orders come in fast and furious, I increase the number of days accordingly. It is best to be early or on time. I’d rather say 3-4 days and deliver in 1, than to promise 1 and deliver in a couple!


Just changed the delivery time to 1 day… I think I can do it…

Lets see what happens


Here’s just my anecdotal evidence: when I shorten my gig delivery time, I get more views and more orders. Does it actually boost me in the rankings? I dunno. Does it appear to? Yes.


Yes, definitely your rating, ranking goes high. Also you will get 24 hours express badge under your $ 5.


Just be careful. It may help your orders and ranking, but if you can’t definitely get EVERY job done in that time, you may end up in trouble.

Personally, I build a giant cushion into my deadlines. I’d rather not get stung by that occasional buyer who is clueless or unreasonable, and Fiverr doesn’t always send email notifications in a timely manner (sometimes not at all). I’m not reliant on this place, so I don’t spend a load of time ‘babysitting’ my account. I’d rather have slightly fewer sales that are far less likely to cause problems.


Update…Failed…Completely failed,

I changed delivery time to just one day… waited for few weeks but nothing happened.

IF YOU THINK DELIVERY TIME WILL EFFECT YOUR GIG POSITION…NO … ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN… so be relax and offer couple of days… as you comfortable…


Even if there’s no impact on your gig’s listing/position, it might just be that buyers tend to go for gigs that promise a faster delivery time…so it might tilt people towards opening your gig. @premiphotos did you notice any changes in your gig’s views / impressions?


Thanks for the update, @premiphotos! I thought I noticed my gig views going down after I increased my delivery time to 5 days instead of 3, but I’m now reassured – I think my views went down because Fiverr was trying to get me enough orders to boost me to a level 2; now that I’m comfortably at a level 2, Fiverr has less reason to boost my gig position because the level 2 increase over a level 1 speaks for itself. I’m sure there’s a lot more to that gig position algorithm than we consider at face value. Thanks!