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Changing Email address

I’m caught in a loop.

I no longer have access to the email acc’t that is associated with my Fiverr account.

I tried to change it in my account settings but it seems I need to access the original email account in order to do so.

What to do now?

Dave Fisher

i´m into the same problem…did you found any solution?

If you lost access to your email then you will need to contact support by creating a support ticket here →

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I think you will need to open a support ticket

Contact Customer Support, they’ll most likely ask for some kind of identification to ensure you are who you are, but they should be able to help you.

It may take 24+ hours for them to get back with you, so be patient. [=

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thank you!

Reply to @maddisont:

I am also having this issue, I have contacted support but I have still been going around in circles. I am trying to add paypal to withdraw funds, I no longer have my original email addresss but they keep sending links to that email. I cannot change it in settings either. Anyone got any other suggestions?

I’ve done this a couple times at least and no response from Fiverr. Sooooo frustrating.