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Changing Fiverr Username to Upscale my service

My name is Maydex, I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for a while, offering writing. I wasn’t making enough to live on so I have learned video editing and Logo animation, and now I’m comfortable selling the gigs, but my name is maydex_writings. I was wondering if I can change this as I don’t want to lose customers for videos thinking I’m a writer. I had the idea of using Maydexmedia. I’ve even got this cool logo idea already! Is there any way I may be able to change my username without losing my earnings and ratings?
Would love to hear a reply from you.
Stay safe![:heart:]

Unfortunately, users cannot change their usernames. The name you choose when you start your account is permanent. It cannot be changed.

User name can’t possible to change. Sometimes user name is create your branding. I sow many user name is. Example667413 but they get a lot of order and good review also.

World most famous company is Apple. But they didn’t sel apple.

My opinion a good user name is always good for proffessional. But lot of example have which is without good user name in fiverr.


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The only way to change your name is to shut your account (completely and permanently) and create a new one.

And as for this statement:


Thank you for the response, guess I’m stuck with my name forever

Thank you all for the responses, I really appreciate, will have to go with my username for now

Unfortunately, users cannot change their usernames. This is permanent. So use your logo as profile photo.

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