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"changing gig category" is this violating Fiverr TS?

hello . i have gigs of 2D animation and i have 47 reviews and am level 2 seller… now i want to modify all my gigs to 3D animation. Is this something forbidden in Fiverr rules?? or is it permissible ?

please help me.
thanks fiverr.

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i also want to know this things.

I don’t see a problem. You can edit/update your gig anytime. It will eventually go through an editorial review. Even though you plan on changing the category don’t expect the gig to show up in the desired category instantly. Fiverr search is tricky.

I put a gig in wrong category and it said “requires modification, choose other category.” Happened two three times and after placing in proper category, it went live.

Even if you sell weird stuff like I do, and even if it doesn’t fit in any category then Fiverr will still publish the gig but it won’t show up in search.

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It’s not against the rules but if you don’t mind leaving your 2D gigs up, I’d create new 3D versions. The reason is that I understand that the URL never changes once you’ve created a gig. It might limit where you appear in searches.


In addition to what @capitalquality said, some buyers might find it suspicious if your URL mentions 2D animations (by the way, did you have problems with buyers because your URL says you’ll do it for $10, an your gig is $40?), and you offer 3D animations. Someone might think that you’re trying to make it look as if you got the reviews for 3D animations, even though that’s not the case.