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Changing Gig completely


Hi there. 7-8 days ago my best selling gig dissappear from search results. It’s not take any impression or click. It’s died. I want to know if I change my gig completely (title, tags, description, prices) then Will my gig back to listing on search results? please enlighten me

Doesn't Seo category take new gigs?

Not if CS have told you it’s out of their editorial focus. You can change the tags etc. all you like but you’d still have to offer a similar service to that which you were offering before, therefore it would still be out of editorial focus, and therefore still out of the search.

Unless anybody else knows anything different? :slightly_smiling_face:


What can I do for my gig entering their editorial focus? I don’t understand this injustice and discrimination… Tons of other gigs listing in search results. Which these gigs all same with my gig. I provide same service, I have much review from them, but their gigs listing in search results but mine not.


Based on what?

Unfair possibly, discriminatory no.

It’s Fiverr’s ball - they can take it away any time they like I’m afraid, like they can change the rules on anything they want.

Your best selling gi only has 9 reviews - seriously, why not find something else to offer which might be within the ‘editorial focus’. Good luck! :sunny:


Keep in mind, that it’s only a matter of :watch: time before Fiverr get their hands on those gigs.
I’m sure with thousands & thousands of gigs to sift through, it takes time for the cleanup crew to annihilate them all. Don’t take it personally tho, if it’s not in their “Editorial Focus” I’m afraid you can’t do anything about it. The line has been drawn in the sand!


You are not helping guys. If you know how to fix that then write. Otherwise please don’t waste your time and my time. Thanks


Well, alrighty then.

You don’t have to be rude, just because you’re not getting the answers YOU want to hear. :roll_eyes:

If CS can’t help you, a user with the secret sauce should come along shortly.

Anyway, @offlinehelpers and I have indeed wasted our time here.

cheerio :cherries:


Sorry we can’t give you the answer you’re looking for because nobody can put your gig back into editorial focus except CS! :slightly_smiling_face:

Guess we were wasting our time as well @nikavoice :wink: