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Changing gig description


Hello everyone, i am new on fiverr and I have question. I created a gig and got an order with the help of the buyers request section, but ever since my gig seems to act like a buyers repellant. So I was hoping to change the gig layout and overall description, does this affect my gig in any way?


When you edit your gig, it’s off search for a while because it’s being reviewed. This usually takes 24-48 hours. Should be back up after that.


After editing gig It will take maximum time of 24 hours to reviewed.


Changing of gig description is a very useful and best thing. It allows the fiverr system to know that you are currently present and using the fiverr (getting updates, following their rules, knows about your competitors). Just sitting online at fiverr and waiting for orders it will not effect your profile too much.

You have to be updated and should change the gig description every after 2 to 3 months according to your competitors.


Thanks for the info, will be sure to go by your advice.


If you make changes to any of your Gig, then it will not be shown in the search tab for a few days, maybe more.