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Changing gig image affect on order?

If i change my gig image, will it affect to get buyers order?


No you can update your gig any time.


Editing gig reduce order. Now i am afraid about changing gig image.


It might. Or it might not. The only way you will know what works and what doesn’t, is by experimenting with changes until you find something that yields the results you seek.


It could be effective.

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Unconfirmed , but i think changes to your gig, takes it off search results for a short period of time.

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Off course will it affect to get Buyers order. Try to do not change always your gig image.

I think 1 best way to change gig image or description etc. When you will get 1 Orders in Queue than you can. Its perfect time, its my opinion. Please try to change only 1 time.

Thank you.

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May be it will help you…

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Depending on the image, some have more impact on people than others so that might be true. If you have an image that represents you well but is of poor quality (pixelated) changing it to a HD it would benefit your gig 100% .


Ow… Thank you very much!!!

I am new seller … i am updating my gig images many times until perfection.