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Changing Gig Price (What happens to active orders?)

Hey there Fiverr community!
I am new to Fiver and have started at very low prices. Now I am thinking about raising my gigs price.
I want to know:

  1. How it will affect my Fiverr account? Would rate it down? If yes, for how long?
  2. What happens with my active orders? Will affect it?

Waiting for your answers,



  1. I’ve edited my gig a million times including the prices and it was never affected, but it’s always a risk to edit - some people have noticed the ranking changed after editing them. However, my advice is to go ahead and change the prices anyway, if you feel they are too low! Never undervalue yourself.
  2. No, your active orders will not be affected :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


First of all active order has nothing to do with gig edits…
Besides that, as a suggestion, it doesn’t affect ranking all of the time…
To be sure when you have quite a bit of order in hand I will say edit the gig in that time period some times if the rank loses it will rank up when you are doing successful order…

It’s a safe way if you aren’t certain about ranking…

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No impact i was found to changing the price, (in my last two times), do not change gig description or title.
And wait till the order completion.

Not sure if i understand it wel.

I think it’s good for seller having active orders when editing gig. What do you think?