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Changing gig price

Hi! Can someone tell me when is the best time to increase the gig price? After how many order or reviews? Thanks!

I usually raise my prices when I receive too many orders , in that way I can limit the amount of orders that I receive and in case I do receive a new order the price will compensate for the additional time that I have to work that day


Thank you for you answer! Im seliing for 5$ and i had 11 orders in total by far. And some days I have a order per day sometimes i dont have an order for like 2-3 days. Maybe because im still a new seller.
So I wont change my price for now…

when you start getting orders from people who are inboxing you and your gig is ranked and you have almost 1k+ revies so thats the best time to rise prices

Bad advice. You don’t need 1k reviews to raise your prices. When I first started, my premium lyric writing package was $20. After my first year I had maybe 60+ five star reviews but I was still getting a few people haggling me about discounts. I couldn’t be bothered with dropping my price a measly $3 just to satisfy them. That is when I decided I was going to bump up my price to $25 to see what happens. If they couldn’t afford the initial $20 then the $5 increase will surely let them know I’m running a business not a charity. After another year I started to feel like what I brought to the table was worth more so I raised it to $30. I haven’t seen any backlash from it as of yet.