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Changing Gig Title and Category

I have a doubt about my gig?

If I change the gig title, tags, gig category and description completely Earlier getting buyer’s reviews of my old will keep on my new changed gig? It will shown below of the my new gig?

Please answer for this question experienced sellers

Thank you


if you make any big change for your gig … yes there a possibility to rank lost.once or minor change is ok. I will suggest you, don’t make any major edit frequently.


thanks dolonhunt
what are they major edits as your point of view? please indicate some example if you free…


Do not make frequent modifications to your GIG, since in a few words you disappear from the lists until the algorithm of fiverr repositions you.

Do not make changes, because it considerably affects your position. :+1:


If you just modify your gig then the review will be shown under the gig .And I will recommend you not to change title of your gig . That will rank down your gig . Because you can change the title but you can not change your gig url and that is permanent . If you think that you should improve your gig then change the description , tags ,price,etc but not title .

Best Of Luck


Suppose you making changes 5 search tags at a time.
Full description modifications ,then its look is it new gig !!!
Or change title or SEO title fully.
Like those i think you clear.


At firsrt you need set a title which should be unique after add 5 tags which is more need to focus on your gig image which should be unique.and add at least 10 faq.thanks

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I unfortunately made a lot of modifications to a GIG that spent weeks positioning it and now it disappeared and I get few impressions, at that time I did not know anything about this, they are lessons that you learn from the bad, but good, to keep ahead. :sweat_smile:


Changing Gig title is a major part. Probably you can lose your ranking. You can change your category and description but it will also effect on your gig. It take time to get back in your current position. So Don’t change too much. If you need to change everything they why not you create a new one. That would be great. :smiley:

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