Changing how much I want to earn


Do you remember the time you created your seller account on fiverr?

I am not quite sure actually, but I feel like you had to select whether you want to work full time or part time and how much money you aim at earning, am I right?

At the time I started on fiverr, I just wanted to try it, hence selecting part time and a monthly goal of a few hundred bucks. Nowadays, fiverr is my main source of income and I would love to change these selections, as I feel like my decision in the beginning still has a great impact on how much exposure my gigs get today. Every time I get a huge order exceeding my monthly goal, my analytics show a decline in gig views, impressions etc, which start to climb up again after delivering.

Do you know if these selections in the beginning of a fiverr career still have an impact - and if yes, is is possible to change that?
Do you maybe share the same experience?

Thanks for helping and discussing,


Since it’s not possible to change them, I don’t think they have an impact, as that would make no sense.

Most people, I believe, from reading the forum regularly, if they think about the relation of big/many orders to impressions, is that if Fiverr thinks a seller has ‘enough on their plate’ atm, they lower their exposure, until their queue has cleared. There seems to be a hint for that, as many say they often get new messages again quickly after deliveries.

Edit: and yes, I think I remember that too :slight_smile:


I think it’s more of a questionnaire to find out info from users rather than basing their entire selling future on it.

If you take all your gigs down and start again afresh, you get asked those questions all over again. Not suggesting you do this, just that it happens! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @miiila, that would make sense.

Glad I am not going crazy though :smiley:


Didn’t know that, thanks for clarifying!


Yeah, I agree with offlinehelpers, it’s for stats most probably. Though of course, as we know bugs do exist, you’d have to ask support to be 100% sure that it’s not just not possible to change those settings because someone forgot to program that element into the settings, nothing’s impossible, I guess. :wink: