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Changing Image in Gig Badge

Hi All,

This category seemed like the best fit for my question.

When I signed up, Fiverr automatically pulled in a image from the account I used to register on the site. I immediately changed it to a picture of me, but when I used the badge feature for my blog, the image that shows is the original image that loaded. It is not a bad picture - it is just that I would like something that is not a scan of a photo from 2002. LOL

I reached out to CS about how to update that image to something else more representative of my gigs, and all I got was an explanation of how to change my profile picture. That was not my question, and clearly, that has no bearing on the badge image anyway. I am still waiting to see if they follow up with me, but I was wondering if anyone else has gotten the fix for this in the past. That might speed things up for me.

Thank you!


I’ve got a similar problem - the ‘promote yourself’ widget image isn’t the same as my profile one and I can’t get it to change.

Not much help I’m afraid, but it might be a more common problem than either of us thought initially? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I was guessing I was not the only one :wink: I can always let you know here if I get any results. At least the picture has good framing for the badge, even if it makes no sense. LOL

I even included a snip of it in my CS request, and they did not get what I was asking for: or maybe they do not realize there is no connection going on between the badge picture and the profile picture. So he thought he was giving me the helpful answer.


I just checked my email again, and once he understood what I was asking for, he stated that the image on the badge cannot be changed or edited.

I asked about referring it for an update so that we can all make the picture match how we want to sell our gigs.


Oh thank you for that - so we’re stuck with it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wonder what I could have done with all the time I spent trying to change it, without realising I actually couldn’t!

Thank you so much for letting me know - another mystery of the universe solved! :sunny:


You know what’s fun?

Some time ago, I changed my profile picture (to the blonde one), and the badge reflected it. Later, I changed it back to my current one, but the badge still shows me as a blonde.


I can´t help either but can add another image problem, just in case a staff person reads here and wants to make a list. I changed my image months ago but in the phone app it still shows the one I had before this one here. :woman_shrugging:


@offlinehelpers You are very welcome!

@catwriter Yep, that sounds like loads of fun.

@miiila I hope they do check here so they know the common issues.

He responded that they have referred it to the Product Developers, so hopefully the next update? :crossed_fingers:

I may test our whether I can change the image by changing it on the outside account that I used to sign up. :face_with_monocle:


Well, 2 YEARS later and this issue is still not resolved. I refuse to use the badge to promote Fiverr unless I can change the image to something that works for me.