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Changing my Fiverr forum picture [RESOLVED]


Hey guys,

Is there any way I can change my profile picture on forum.fiverr? I’m having trouble with being able to do it…Any tips and/or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


If you wanted to change your image here at the forum, you will have to change your
actual profile image I believe.
Go to your main page (I believe it’s going to be in your case),
put the cursor over your image and you’ll see a camera icon, click on it and you should be able to edit your avatar image.


I actually did that, but it’s still not showing up on the forum :frowning:


Dear Gabby:

Once you update your avatar, try logging out of the Fiverr Forum and then logging back in.

Good luck,


I tried that, still not working :confused: Never mind, there it is! Thank you so much